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1985 - 95
Initiated the first career guidance column in a  local daily, featuring articles and giving replies to readers on matters related to higher education and career and language learning.
1987 - 89
Initiated and ran a Career Guidance Programme over Channel 5 of Radio Television Malaysia.
1993 - 95
Initiated and ran an English Language Learning Programme over Channel 5 of Radio Television Malaysia.
1992 - 94
Education Columnist for a local daily, featuring English Language learning articles.
2003 - 04
Columnist/writer for Sin Chew Jit Poh, the Star and the Sun, featuring articles on higher education, science & technology, student innovation and entrepreneurship.
Sept 06 Sept 06 Conducted (wrote the script and broadcast) a weekly Career Guidance Programme (from 10 pm-12 midnight) over aifm channel of Radio Television Malaysia."


PR Activities

Pioneered the first invention fair in Malaysia with Malaysian Invention and Design Society and SIRIM Berhad- acting as the PR and marketing office for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd 'Malaysian Invention & Design Competition & Exhibition', in conjunction with the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment's annual National Science Week. Supplements and feature articles on Science and Technology were run in conjunction with the event in the major English, Malay and Chinese dailies.
6 Sept 92
Organised a Seminar on "Meeting the Higher Education and Career Counselling Needs of the Malaysian  Secondary Schools Students in the 90's" for school counsellors, in collaboration with a local daily.
Organised a Higher Education & Career Seminar, in collaboration with  a local daily.
30 Aug 92  
Organised a Seminar on "Enhancing the Teaching of English in  Secondary Schools", in collaboration with a local daily.
18-28 Mar 94
Organised a series of Nationwide Seminars on the "Scenario of IT /  Computer Education & Career in the Year 2000", in  collaboration with a local daily, held in 7 towns in Malaysia .
30 May-4 Jun 94
Organised a Higher Education Fair, in conjunction with International Chinese Book Fairs, in collaboration with a local daily .
6 Jan - 30 Mar 95
Pioneered the first and largest nationwide series of Nationwide Seminars on "Advance Towards the 21st Century with Information Technology", held in 23 towns in West & East Malaysia, in collaboration with two local dailies.
30 Nov - 3 Dec 95
Organised a series of Higher Education & Career Seminars & Exhibitions in collaboration with a student counselling body and a local daily, held in 4 towns in the state of Selangor.
20 - 25 Mar 96
Organised a series of Nationwide Higher Education & Career Seminars & Exhibitions in collaboration with a local daily, held in 6 towns in Malaysia.
25 Feb - Mar 97
Organised the Northern Malaysia Higher Education & Career Fairs, in collaboration with the largest circulating Chinese newspaper in Northern Malaysia , held in 5 towns, and sponsored by Great Eastern Life.
July 98
Invited by the Ministry of Education Malaysia to assist the Ministry in counselling students at the Malaysian Education Fairs, held in Jakarta and Bandung of Indonesia .
6 July 03
Organised a seminar on "Career and Education in Science and Technology" in collaboration with Malaysian Scientific Association and Koperasi Jayadiri (M) Berhad .
13-14 Aug 05
Initiated the first Technopreneur Development Programme targeting at undergraduates in Malaysia , co-organised with MCA Youth, Malaysian Scientific Association, Yayasan Bakti Nusa Malaysia , SMI Association of Malaysia, Malaysian Invention & Design Society, etc. It comprises an exhibition and two public seminars - Entrepreneurship/ Technopreneurship Seminar and Postgraduate/ Continuing Education Seminar held in Kuala Lumpur.
11 Dec 05
Co-organised  a Student Training/Motivation Camp with KOJADI, SRJK & SMJK Triang Old Boys Association & Hokkien Association of Triang, Pahang.
        20 July 06    
Organised a Higher Education & Career Seminar at Seri Kembangan, Selangor in collaboration with Service Centre ofMember of Parliament of Seri Kembangan and KOJADI.
9 Sept 06
Organised a Career Planning & 9th Malaysia Plan Seminar at Monash University  in collaboration with Service Centre of Member of Parliament of Kelana Jaya, sponsored by Monash University & Multimedia University.
2007 - 09 Recognised for innovation in designing a program for the non-academically inclined students in rural areas and awarded a fund to implement a Motivation & Career Guidance Camp for the above target group by Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation , Malaysia.
12-13 Feb 09 Organised the 2nd Technopreneur Development Seminar & Study Tour with the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), six (6) local universities and four (4) scientific and innovation based associations, held at Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre, SIRIM Berhad.

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