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Book Advertising Rate

Advertisement Page
Printed copy
Per Language Version
Online Version
Back Cover (Full colour) RM 8,000 N.A.
Inside Front Cover (Full colour) RM 7,000 N.A.
Inside Front Cover Flap (Full colour) RM 6,000 N.A.
Inside Back Cover (Full colour) RM 6,000 N.A.
First Page (Full colour) RM 7,000 N.A.
Bookmark (Full colour) RM 7,500 N.A.
Special Position (Full colour) RM 5,000 N.A.
Full Page (Full colour) RM 3,800 RM 2,500 per A4 page per annum (additional page at 30% discount)
Half Page (Full colour) RM 2,700 N.A.
Full Page (B/W) RM 2,600 N.A.
1/2 Page (B/W) RM 1,600 N.A.
1/4 Page (B/W) RM 900 N.A.
Green Pages Index Listing RM 350 per listing N.A.
Each Additional Branch RM 100 N.A.
Advertising Banner N.A. RM 1,000 per annum
(Additional banner at 30% discount)
Link to Client's Homepage N.A. RM100


Special Promotion
Two Language Joint Rate
30% discount (for 2nd Directory)
Previous year clients who maintain the same space
10% discount (for 1st Directory)
(A client is only entitled to one of the above discounts at one time)
Advertisers in the English Language version will enjoy complimentary listing in the Chinese Language version and vice-versa. All advertisers also enjoy the same benefits in WENCOM's website and CD-ROM in both English and Chinese Language versions.
All payments should be made in favour of Wencom Career Consultancy
Technical Specifications
Full Page Advertisement
170mmW x 250mmH
Half Page Advertisement
170mmW x 120mmH
Quarter Page Advertisement
  80mmW x 120mmH
Trimmed Size
210mmW x 298mmH
Printed Bleed
220mmW x 315mmH
Booking Deadline
30th June 2011
Material Dateline
30th July 2011
Material Required
Colour Advertisements -
Positive separation, right reading, emulsion side down, (Line screen 150/175, plus colour progressive proofs)

B/W Advertisements
Onescreen positive film (Line 120/133)
Publication Date
October 2011

Design and finished artwork undertaken by the publisher on behalf of the advertisers will be charged accordingly depending on the nature of assignment.




































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